Tempo ed efficienza nell'azione amministrativa

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[automatically translated] The work focuses in particular on the importance that the legislation administrative activity authoritative attributes to the dimension of time, starting with Law 241/90 up to ln 69, 2009. The time factor has assumed the dignity of << good of life assurance >> << >> connected to the relationship between administration and private, which is a constitutionally guaranteed value. In this sense, they detect two provisions of the l. 69/2009: Art. 29, whose paragraph 2-bis has brought back to the basic level category performance, and the obligation to conclude the procedure within the deadline, is to ensure maximum length of proceedings. And the art. 2-bis, which provided, among the consequences of failure to comply with the final deadline, Also damages from "mere delay". "Time" and "efficiency" in administrative action are intertwined, according to a perspective that has targeted the prompt realization of the public interest and private, to the extent that it is not incompatible with the first, in the best way possible and and at certain fixed times.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationL'interesse pubblico tra politica e amministrazione
Number of pages38
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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