Tecniche per la misura e il monitoraggio della superficie del fondo di un modello fluviale

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[automatically translated] The use of river models for the study of the morphology of the fund changes is an object of interest in the subject fields of hydrology because of the multiple phenomena interconnected to the evolution of natural streams. At the laboratory of Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Applications of the University of Palermo, for several years, a mobile bed river model to study the methods of forecasting of deformation planimetric and elevation of a natural channel is used. Research conducted over the years were aimed to reconstruct the bottom of the equilibrium configuration deformed by the effect of the current flow. Since the late nineties many tests were conducted to develop and verify digital photogrammetric procedures that enable it to obtain in an automatic and with high levels of accuracy digital surface model (Digital Surface Model - DSM) of the channel bottom. The tests carried out were allowed to obtain satisfactory results, consistent with endeavored instrumentation. Over the last years the considerable improvement of the photogrammetric procedures of image matching and the development of laser systems short range or in structured light systems has led to run new tests to make more and more efficient procedures of measurement both in terms of metric precision that from the operational point of view.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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