Teatro e narrativa di Umberto Barbaro

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[automatically translated] This monograph traces the intellectual and literary itinerary of Barbaro. The first part examined his critical writings and his theatrical production and narrative of the twenties, related to dell'immaginismo season, when the writer endorses the guidelines of that movement towards an art that unrealistic, in ironic discrepancy between plan of reality and the world recreated by a great visionary and paradoxical, it expresses a desire to overturn the bourgeois world of the installments (also highlighted the relations with other avant-garde movements, and at the same time the specificity). The aspiration to an art once the profound effects in reality remains in Barbaro even when artistic experience in crisis, Therefore, this instance is also tracked in fiction and in the critical years of the Thirty writings that are characterized by a gradual approach to Barbaro to a concept of realistic art. But it also noted that in the thirties the writer prefers to look on reality without aiming camouflage outcomes, but with those filters and those depths that always alive sperimentalistica vocation, the European cultural heritage, the knowledge of psychoanalysis, allow it. In the last part of the monograph devoted to the period after World War II, it tends to dispel the image of a Barbarian characterized by intransigence and closing in his defense of realism category; position thus open, while in accession convinced Marxist front.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages236
Publication statusPublished - 1992

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