Sulle tracce di Ovidio epico? Contese tra padri e figli in Ps. Quint. decl. 258

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In the Minor Declamation 258 it is possible to notice some echoes of the Armorumiudicium of Ov. met. xiii 1-383, an episode whose success in Greece and Rome dates backto the Cyclic poems. Porcius Latro, the famous rhetorician and teacher of Ovid, chose thissubject for one of his declamations and provided his pupil with a model: in fact, as showedby Sen. contr. ii 2, 8, the poet borrowed from the rhetor some literal expressions. We canalso remember Sen. contr. x and Calp. decl. 21, two of the most important texts wherethe motifs of family disputes and reward for viri fortes are re-elaborated, in different ages.Therefore, the Minor declamation 258 is one of these interesting adaptations of the theme:it is rich in similarities and differences when compared with the cited declamations, whichare connected to the paradigmatic plot of the quarrel between Ajax and Ulysses for Achilles’weapons, a plot to which Ovid had already paid a tribute.
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