Sulla politica religiosa di Marciano: tra legislazione, agiografia, storiografia

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In 451, in the IV ecumenical council convened in Chalcedon by Marcian, the condemnation of Nestorianism and Monophysism was established. It was a victory in which Constantinople was linked, which confirmed its role of primacy in the sphere of the Eastern churches, and Rome, which had already manifested its agreement with the Constantinopolitan patriarchate with Pope Leo. All the legislation issued in the following years by Marcian, to affirm and defend the belief of Chalcedon, reflects the tensions between the center and the periphery and testifies to the imperial reaction to the autonomist pressures and the emergence of regionalisms, documented above all in the Syriac and Coptic environment by literature. hagiography.
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Title of host publicationRechtliche Verfahren und religiöse Sanktionierung in der griechisch-römischen Antike : Akten einer deutsch-italienischen Tagung, Palermo, 11.-13. Dezember 2014 Procedimenti giuridici e sanzione religiosa nel mondo greco e romano : Atti di un convegno italo-tedesco, Palermo, 11-13 dicembre 2014
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