Sulla distribuzione dei tempi di inter-arrivo delle piogge

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[automatically translated] The probabilistic characterization of rainfall is a key theme in different research areas, such as hydrology, meteorology, climatology, and still others, for its implications both theoretical and practical. A particular interest is the analysis of the probabilistic structure of the times of inter-arrival of the rains, the daily scale, which allows to infer the probability of the duration of periods of rain and drought, giving account of both the trend of rainfall events forming into clusters, that the persistence of dry spells. In the present work, such an analysis was conducted of some time series of inter-arrival times, derived from daily rainfall time series registered with Sicilian stations; to that end, were some discrete distributions tested, belonging to the Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta distributions Family (HLZ): the logarithmic distribution, polilogaritmica distribution and Lerch distribution. The results showed that the chosen distributions are able to explain the main characters of the rain process, considered to daily scale, and can be found, therefore, useful to use in hydrological applications.
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Title of host publicationPREVISIONE E MITIGAZIONE DEI FENOMENI DI DISSESTO IDROGEOLOGICO IN ITALIA - Il contributo delle Sistemazioni idraulico-forestali Quaderni di Idronomia montana 30
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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