Suction controlled drying and wetting cycle effects on the volumetric behaviour of a lime-treated high plasticity clay

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The paper presents some experimental results collected on samples recovered from an experimental embankment obtained by compacting a lime-treated clay. Samples were collected soon after the in situ compaction and they were cured in controlled environmental conditions for at least 18 months. Mercury intrusion porosimetry tests (MIP) were carried out on freeze-dried specimens to characterize the microstructure of the material. In order to assess the durability of the improved material, laboratory tests focused on the effects of cyclic variations of the degree of saturation on the water retention properties and the volumetric behaviour of the stabilized clay. Collected results show that the lime-treated clay undergoes an almost irreversible volumetric behaviour; this irreversible contraction is associated to severe drying processes, while wetting paths do not produce significant volumetric deformations.
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