Study of morphology, mechanical properties and thermal degradation of titania-polycarbonate nanocomposites as function of crystalline phase and amount

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Titania nanoparticles were prepared using a sol–gelmethod and calcination at 2008C and 6008C to obtainanatase and rutile phases, respectively. The obtainedpowders were used to prepare polycarbonate (PC)-titaniananocomposites by melt compounding. The effectof different crystalline phases and amounts of titania,in the range 1–5 wt%, on the morphology, mechanicalproperties, and thermal degradation kinetics of PC wasinvestigated. The results show that the filler modifiedthe plasticity or rigidity of the polymer and influencedthe degradation kinetics, in different ways dependingon the type and amount of titania.
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JournalPolymer Composites
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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