Lombardo, L; Argento, L; Saieva, S; Moribondo, A

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[automatically translated] Depression is a neurotic disorder that according to WHO estimates in 2020 will be the second high-prevalence disease in the world, after cardiovascular diseases. In recent years there has been an explosion of both the number of new cases for that intensity. Materials and methods. E 'it was conducted an analysis of consumption and expenditure data through the SPHERE Project (Spesa- Pharmaceutical-Processing-Regions-ASL) and the optical detection system SSN recipes in the period January / November for the years 2011 and 2012. the examined antidepressant drugs are as follows, expressed in ATC 5. For first-generation TCA: N06AA02, N06AA04, N06AA06, N06AA09, N06AA10. For the second generation TCA: N06AX03, N06AXOS. For the third-generation TCA: N06AX11, N06AX16, N06AX18, N06AX21. For SSRIs: N06AB03, N06AB04, N06ABOS, N06AB06, N06AB08, N06AB10. Results. According to ISTAT data for the year 2011, the estimated population in the province of Agrigento is of 446,837 inhabitants, of which the '11.12% is the percentage that made use of antidepressants. In 2012 there was a slight decrease, with a percentage of 10.57%. The female users in 2011 was of 68.94% and 60.40% in 2012, against the male audience in 2011 was equal to 31.06% and in 2012 to 31.60%. SSRIs have a percentage of prescription in 2011 of 71.86%, of 70,49% in 2012, while in descending order are for the relevant biennium: TCA third generation (16.32% -17.88%), according to TCA generation (3.71% -3.99%), TCA first generation (8.11% -7.64%). Net expenditure / 1000 inhabitants residents of SSRIs during the two years is € 4251.00 (σ = 176.5); for antidepressants third generation of 1523.00 euro (σ = 78); antidepressants second generation of 88,00 euro (σ = 7); antidepressants of the first generation of 121,00 € (σ = 5). The DDDx1000ab. for first, second and third generation antidepressants are respectively 1.20 for 2011 and 1.10 for 2012; 0.31 to 0.32; 5.07 to 5.27; while for SSRIs 27,42-26,15.Conclusioni. The data show a slight decrease in the two years in the use of antidepressants in the province of Agrigento, while the epidemiological analysis showed that: 1) women in the viewfinder depressive affection are at a frequency equal to twice that of the male population; 2) SSRIs stood for consumption in the first place,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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