Studi storici dedicati a Orazio Cancila

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[automatically translated] It does not happen always, and it is not even necessary that the collection of essays in honor of the studies personalities indent topics related or similar to those cultivated by the celebrated personalities. But if it happens, you can certainly speak of a happy circumstance or coincidence, but it can also happen that such circumstance or coincidence is significant of something else. And, for example, it may be significant that the personality of the recipient collection has set or found itself at the center of the important developments in contemporary historiography because based on the common interest in studies and in the culture of his time. The collection of studies to Horace Cancila one can say - I - you would certainly find in the latter case, and, what, even when the wording of the themes of the individual contributions to the collection does not seem to allow such a finding. ... It is a beautiful landscape, and is individually conform to the series of ampii and various historical interests of Cancila. (From the introduction of Giuseppe Galasso)
Original languageItalian
PublisherAssociazione no profit Mediterranea
Number of pages1624
ISBN (Print)978-88-902393-4-2
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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NameQuaderni di "Mediterranea-ricerche storiche"

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