Studi psicologico-clinici sulla psicologia mafiosa

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[automatically translated] The work proposes a review of studies on the psychology that the mafia group-subjectual search revealed over the last fifteen years. These studies are developed along three main directions: - (a) the study on relational processes dialogic between inner and outer world in Mafia families (What characterizes the con-family cepimento in the mafia world? How is born and develops the self in relation the family and the polis? What psychological factors characterize membership in the mafia family? How are intertwined level transpersonal family and anthropology in the members of the mafia families?); - (B) the study of fundamentalist and psychopathological dimensions in the mafia world, also in relation to how they appear in the set (ting) psychotherapeutic (As it expresses the suffering in the mafia world? Through which psychopathological configurations? What lived co-transference activated, the therapists, patients from these worlds?); - (C) the study of the psychological effects on citizens and the presence of the mafia community with particular attention to the mental suffering of victims (How you configure your social networks in heavily traversed by the mafia presence communities? What psychic prices pay the victims of the Mafia? What imposes on a psychic level the criminal threat?). The work also tries to connect prinbcipali results obtained from research on the psychology of the Mafia with the context and historical and cultural climate in which such research has been carried out.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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