Storie e protagonisti della matematica italiana

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[automatically translated] 20 years ago - or rather a few more - he initiated its publications "Letter Mathematics Pristem" an expression of a research group of the "Bocconi" whose members also teachers and students of other universities. The "Letter" was a courageous attempt to rejuvenate the mathematical communication, to make it less academic and journalistic with the use of images, color and direct language. an attempt to enter math in the broader processes affecting the school and society. In 20 years, the three directors of browsing reviewing its vintages to remember stories and characters (mathematicians and not) around which the "Letter" has grown and they have in fact contributed to the formation of its editorial line. The testimonies, the memories and comments are followed, year after year, the reproduction of an article published that year on the "Letter." The result is a mathematical description of the world, seen from the inside, much livelier than usually think it is. Other than simple calculation! Mathematics goes on and the "Letter" tells in what directions. Takes out with passionate cultural discussions and some controversy accompanying the research or teaching or scientific institutions management: even of these, in 20 years, the "Letter" has tried to give account on time.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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