Storie di città pugliesi. Edizioni a stampa: secoli XVI-XVIII

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[automatically translated] The book reconstructs, in the critical-documentary form of reasoned bibliography, publishing the story to the press, which is located along the XVI-XVIII centuries, the genre of historiography of Urbis memory in territorial and cultural context of Puglia. Emerge progressive, profound transformations of the historic town writing due to the mediation of the historiographical humanistic model. The kind of medieval chronicles what happens chorographic, and the prospect antiquarian borrowed, together with the theme of laudatio urbis, from a precise humanist archetype, joins up to replace, the erudite clergyman-town identity reinterpretation through the foundation of a special relationship, often absolute, between episcopal and urban microcosm, between the city's history and hagiography of the patron saint, until the coincidence of the citizen consciousness, understood as cultural identity, events and passions with his cult: an attitude rooted in the Puglia municipal historiography. It is a trend vigorously active in the long time, here investigated, the Apulian municipal historiography, which will take you to grasp the resistance, and then the coexistence, with mature Enlightenment historiography, prone to outline the micro-territorial identities with another method favors given natural and social survey. Such a complex web of historiographical forms inspired by specific conservation needs of memorial monuments and towns as part of the res gestae of the cultural history of the Puglia region is documented in this book for more than three hundred bibliographic records,
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Number of pages232
ISBN (Print)88-8229-913-2
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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NameAll'insegna del colombo d'oro 8

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