Stima della radiazione solare giornaliera in Sicilia mediante i dati di temperatura massima e minima

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[automatically translated] The measurement of the solar radiation Rs per daily scale, significant variable in agro-meteorology, is generally detected in a limited number of meteorological stations and the related time series are not extensive. On the contrary there is a very extensive data base, both for the number of stations that for consistency of the series of measures of maximum temperature, T max, and a minimum, Tmin, daily. For this reason, different formulations have been developed for Rs estimation based on the values ​​of Tmax and Tmin. Among these the best known is certainly the report Hargreaves-Samani, more often revised and updated by the authors, while more recently introduced are the formulations of Campbell-Donatelli (1998) and Donatelli-Bellocchi (2001).
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