Statistica degli estremi idrologici in Sicilia

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[automatically translated] The torrential character of the most important Sicilian waterways has always determined the flooding of flood waves and consequent flooding of surrounding areas, causing significant damage. The evaluation of the full and the hydrological risk connected to them can be conducted according to a probabilistic approach through which it is determined a relationship between the flow of full of assigned frequency likely and the return time. In this article you are referred to the laws of probability distribution usually used in hydrology, with particular reference probabilistic analysis of the annual maximum value of the peak flow of full and height of the maximum fixed intensity and duration of rain. In particular, the methods by which to achieve maximum binding capacity of full and return time set are divided into direct and indirect according to whether the observations available for river site of interest or concern about hydrometric rainfall. The choice of method to be used is strongly influenced by the nature and consistency of historical data available for the area in question. In this paper it is reviewed the approaches that have been developed to estimate the probability distribution of flood flows or maximum intensity rains in Sicily both at local level both on a regional scale. In fact, due to the reduced number of hydrometric stations on the Sicilian territory,, It is very frequently the case in which it is necessary to estimate the probability distribution of the full flow in the river sections devoid of observations or with a reduced number of years of operation. This difficulty was, in fact, overcome by resorting to a regional approach.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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