Stability of halloysite, imogolite, and boron nitride nanotubes in solvent media

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Inorganic nanotubes are attracting the interest of many scientists and researchers, due to their excellent application potential in different fields. Among them, halloysite and imogolite, two naturally-occurring aluminosilicate mineral clays, as well as boron nitride nanotubes have gained attention for their proper shapes and features. Above all, it is important to reach highly stable dispersion in water or organic media, in order to exploit the features of this kind of nanoparticles and to expand their applications. This review is focused on the structural and morphological features, performances, and ratios of inorganic nanotubes, considering the main strategies to prepare homogeneous colloidal suspensions in various solvent media as special focus and crucial point for their uses as nanomaterials.
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