Smart cities: Case studies

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This chapter shows some examples of smart cities. In the chapter, casestudies have been divided into geographical categories (Middle East cities;North-European cities; Mediterranean cities and the Asian ones) which, macro-scopically, refer to three different types of city and communities especially in relation to different levels of technological innovation and type of human capital,which are key factors in the achievement of a smart development. The chapter is divided into four main paragraphs. The newly built cities, in the Middle East paragraph, are cities where everything has been planned from scratch on whitepaper to limit emissions and increase the quality of life of citizens. In the paragraphsabout the North-European cities and the Mediterranean cities, the cities with stronghistoric value are described. In this section, many European cities, which havespecific features like limited possibility to apply technology, but still an adequatelevel of development to understand and correctly implement the ICT driven choicesare described with reference to the smart city concept. The last paragraph showssome example of “developing city” that often are cities with low awareness aboutsustainable settlement issues, but with a great economic and social growth.
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