Sistemi Biologici e Beni Culturali

Adhikary, S.P.; Agrò,A.; Albertano, P.; Alonzo, G.; Balsamo, C.; Barresi, G.; Bertuzzi, F.; Bevilacqua, T.; Billeci, N.; Bruno, L.; Bruzzone, R.; Buccellato, C.; Campanella, F.L.; Cappitelli, F.; Butera, G.; Caracappa, S.; Caramelli, D.; Carotenuto, G.; Costanza, C.; Cuttitta, A.; De Philippis, R.; De Leo, F.; De Lera, A.; De Ranieri, S.; Di Lorenzo, D.; Ferraro, C.; Gargano, V.; Ghersi, G.; Giulini, P.; Guglielmo, A.; Isolani, B.; Krakova, L.

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[automatically translated] The National Conference "Biological Systems and Cultural Heritage, held in Palermo, with the participation of scholars and experts from all over Italy. Organized by the University of Palermo (Department of Environmental Biology and Biodiversity), dall'AIAr (Italian Association of Archaeometry) and CRPR (Regional Centre for Planning and Restoration, Regione Siciliana) and the concrete support of BioNat - Italy (Palermo). The Scientific Committee of the Conference was attended by lecturers of the universities of Palermo, Catania, Messina, Milan - State, Parma, Roma-Tor Vergata, Siena and experts of the CNR-Florence and the Archaeological Superintendence of Liguria. The conference aimed at researchers, scholars, restorers and those working in the field of Cultural Heritage, It has proposed the identification of Biologists systems both as cultural asset (monumental trees, modern mummies), both as a cause of degradation of cultural heritage (bio-degradation) and as a source of macromolecules useful for restoration (bio-cleaning); introducing technological innovations useful peruno comprehensive study of the cultural property, to the exact characterization of the organisms that cause spoilage, for the realization of a restoration efforts, with innovative techniques.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages328
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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NameLibro degli Atti Convegni AIAr

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