Simple and fast orotracheal intubation procedure in rat

Francesco Carini, Vincenzo Davide Palumbo, Giovanni Tomasello, Francesco Cupido, Attilio Ignazio Lo Monte, Francesco Cupido, Provvidenza Damiani, Emanuele Sinagra, Luca Cicero, Antonino Bruno, Cassata Giovanni, Giovanni Tomasello, Francesco Damiani, Attilio Ignazio Lo Monte, Vincenzo Davide Palumbo, Francesco Carini

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Introduction: Endotracheal intubation in the rat is difficult because of extremely small size of anatomical structures (oral cavity, epiglottis and vocal cords), small inlet for an endotracheal tube and the lack of proper techniacal instruments. Matherial and Methods: In this study we used seventy rats weighthing 400-500 g. The equipment needed for intubation was an operating table, a longish of cotton, a cotton tip, orotracheal tube, neonatal laryngoscope KTR4, small animal ventilator, and isoflurane for inhalation anaesthesia. Premedication was carried out by medetomidine hydrochloride 1 mg/mL; then, thanks to a closed glass chamber, a mixture of oxygen and isoflurane was administered. By means of neonatal laryngoscope the orotracheal tube was advanced into the oral cavity untile the wire guide was visualized trough the vocal cords; then it was passed through them. The tube was introduced directly into into the larynx over the wire guide; successively, the guide was removed and the tube placed into the trachea. Breathing was confirmed using a glove, cut at the end of a finger, simulating a small ballon. Conclusions: We believe that our procedure is easier and faster than those previously reported in scientific literature. (
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13-15
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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