Simbolizzazioni e costruzione del setting formativo: verso un modello psicologico della qualità universitaria

Gaetano Venza, Gandolfa Cascio

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[automatically translated] Introduction The theme of university quality has acquired in recent years a growing centrality which is often translated to assist with the training offer valuation models of economic-management footprint. Minor resonance have instead had proposed that, based on an idea of the quality of the university experience as a device capable of promoting the investment project of the students through the start-up of processes of co-construction of meanings and processing of their application for training can constitute important opportunities for empowerment. Objectives and methods As part of a larger research project aimed at validating a model of development of the university as a partner-constructivist matrix and psychodynamic (Salvatore, Wavey, Venuleo & Guidi, 2008), the study was aimed at analyzing the socio-symbolic models of the students who, by intervening in the enjoyment of the educational process, influencing the effectiveness of the same. A questionnaire built on the ISO methodology (Carli & Paniccia, 1999; Carli & Salvatore, 2001), was administered to 212 students of the Degree in Education and Science Educator community. The creation of two distinct Multiple Correspondence Analysis has allowed the identification of latent dimensions of constitutive sense is the image of the context and the University, and education / training. A subsequent analysis of the Cluster, finally made it possible to group the research participants in some groups maximally internally homogeneous and heterogeneous maximally between them than typical response profiles. Results Regarding the sense of relative size of the images and the context of the University, the first extract factor sets up the ways to symbolize the context according to the anomie dialectic vs reliability. The second, however, organizes the mode of symbolization of the relationship with the context according to the dialectical activity vs adhesion. With regard to the dimensions of meaning concerning the education / training images, the first extract factor organizes symbolizations of educational-training professional relationship from the dialectic between relief and development can have. The second, however, referring to the dialectic troubleshooting vs promotion of development, organizes the symbolization of the function of education / training.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages157
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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