Signal to noise ratio measurements of silicon photomultipliers

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We report on our signal to noise ratio (SNR) measurements carried out, in the continuous wave regime, on a novel class of silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) fabricated in planar technology on silicon p-type substrate. SiPMs are large area detectors consisting of a parallel array of Geiger Mode APDs with individual integrated quenching resistors. Each photodiode is an independent photon counting microcell and is connected to a common analog output to produce a summation signal proportional to the number of detected photons [1], [2]. SNR of SiPMs is expressed by the ratio of the SiPM average signal current and the RMS deviation of the overall current (i.e., the overall shot noise current). The measured noise takes into account the shot noise, resulting from the photocurrent and the dark current, while background light is not present in our setup. Unlike the shot noise, SiPM average dark current is an offset term and it can be filtered through a simple external DC removal circuit and, for this reason, we discarded it.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014


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