Segnalazioni floristiche e vegetazionali per le zone umide costiere del territorio di Petrosino (Sicilia occidentale)

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Floristic and vegetation records for the coastal wetlands in the territory of Petrosino (Western Sicily). - New populations of some regionally rare angiosperm species, found in the coastal wetlands of the territory of Petrosino (Province of Trapani) currently protected as a site of the European network “Natura 2000” (code ITA010006) and as a “Ramsar” area, are reported: in detail, the species are Apium graveolens, Briza minor, Carex extensa, Cladium mariscus, Euphorbia hirsuta, Ipomoea sagittata, Ruppia drepanensis, Sonchus maritimus. For each species, the importance of the new findings in the regional context is briefly illustrated. A priority habitat not mentioned in the Natura 2000 site management plan, i.e. “7210*: Calcareous fens with Cladium mariscus and species of the Caricion davallianae”, in the Milo marshes, and new stations of the priority habitat “1150*: Coastal lagoons” (already reported for Milo marshes and Capo Feto) in the Nespolilla marshes, are also reported.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)25-34
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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