Scenari metropolitani. Il paesaggio fluviale del Grand Pari(s)

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Competition from major cities across the globe and the issues related to local development issues are adding to the contemporary phenomenon of the conurbation consisting extend the reach of the city in areas already urbanized. That is the intersection of these scales that put the new scenarios in metropolitan Paris that are to integrate land use with a new metropolitan condition. This condition does not only refer to the transformation of land and construction of buildings, but also the need to consider cultural contributions to the projects together.Most urban projects in Paris are now ringing the borders of the territories comprising between Paris proper and the surrounding municipalities. It is in this context that the reflections on the future of the metropolis have been conducted since 2001.Getting catch in the device of the peripheral highway, the Paris of today has expanded into opposition with his natural physical extension. The question now is how this set is fragmented and disparate, as the Paris region may constitute a coherent whole. Consider the development of Greater Paris seems to us an opportunity to open up and change the spatial and temporal scales, to rethink the boundaries of municipalities throughout the Region Ile-de-France, to show how the issues political, technical, urban and architectural are inseparable from them.
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Publication statusPublished - 2010


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