Sali di imidazolio multistrato supportati covalentemente: attività catalitica per la produzione di carbonati ciclici in scCO2 e nuovi supporti per catalizzatori di palladio

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[automatically translated] The supported ionic liquids (SILP) have found interesting applications in the fields of metal-catalyzed reactions in organocatalysis [1]. Furthermore, the SILP have been employed effectively in opening reactions of epoxides in supercritical CO2 to provide cyclic carbonates [2]. Ionic liquids are generally supported covalently through the modification of the functional groups present on the surface of the substrate, thus leading to the formation of a monolayer of supported ionic liquid. The examples of SILP covalently bonded, in a manner such as to obtain the multi-layer, are rare. In this communication it is reported a method for preparing the covalently supported imidazolium salts and their use as:
Original languageItalian
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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