Roberto Pane al VII Congresso di Storia dell'Architettura di Palermo.

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[automatically translated] The text begins with an occasion of extraordinary importance, which is, after World War II, the Architecture History Congress held in Palermo in 1950, to take stock of the main themes expressed by the contemporary debate on the Restoration. The central themes of the report Roberto bread, fresh from the experience of international consultant on behalf of UNESCO, with regard to the reconstruction of the Italian artistic heritage, offering in a nutshell the coherence of a process that will lead to proposals developed for the Venice International Charter of 1964. at the forefront of Congress take turns some of the greatest personalities of the restoration of monuments - Saverio Muratori, Bruno Zevi, Renato Bonelli - whose propositions, significant for subsequent developments, are connected in a framework with multiple facets. So nell'avvenuta extension of the concept of restoration, the preservation of individual factory to the environment, the recovery of the history and the tradition weaves his reasons with the complex problems of the present reality, still not resolved. The "question" of the restoration is seen in the broadest sense, as warns Liliana Grassi, not only to define a method to be followed for the protection and conservation of monuments, but also for groped a deepening of contemporary architectural culture.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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