Riorganizzazione territoriale degli Uffici del Giudice di Pace

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[automatically translated] The study aims to reorganize, with the help of GIS applications. The distribution of the offices of the Justice of Peace (GdP) in Sicily, taking in analysis the seats of districts of the Court of Appeal of Palermo and Caltanissetta. The articulation of the study is in two stages: a) the search for an objective methodology for identifying the most suitable locations Peace Judge, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, to offer the service of justice; b) identification of the new area of expertise for each seat of the Justice of the Peace confirmed, with careful spatial analysis. You can easily find an objective methodology was made an evaluation board to assign the seats of GdP a score based on variables, already indicated in art. 1 letter. b of the Law 148 of 14/9/2011, namely: 1) the number of inhabitants of competence; 2) the extent of the territory to be served; 3) the contentiousness index of the local scope population; 4) the index of productivity. This index has been specifically designed for this study and allows you to "reward" those locations of GdP in the period analyzed showed a treatment capacity greater than or equal to the value set by the national threshold. For the identification of the new territory of competence of each GdP it was conducted multicriteria spatial analysis in GIS environment, on Open Source platform. Starting from the Offices of the District Prison Justice of the Peace have been associated territories of municipalities reached within 50 km of road journey. And 'it was held in high regard the definition of the maximum distance that each citizen has to travel to reach the seat of the GdP of competence because it is the common element to all citizens and places them on an equal treatment plan. The results obtained suggest that the analysis structured still allows a high reduction of the offices in the area (74% against 83% made from the study of government auditing), while the seats of the GdP maintaining operational and in objective assessment have obtained the best score and failing, however, to ensure an office of justice of the peace within 50 kilometers from the towns of competence locations.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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