Riannodare il passato e il presente con la restituzione prospettica: ricostruzione della perduta chiesa delle Stimmate di Palermo da foto d’archivio

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Perspective restitution belongs to the disciplinary corpus of descriptive geometry, as an inverse problem of perspective. In the past, this technique has rarely been used for the reconstruction from photos of lost monuments and works of art; digital modeling tools suggest reconsidering perspective restitution as an effective tool for the reconstruction of lost monuments portrayed in period photos.The case study is the Stimmate church of Palermo, demolished at the end of the 19th century for the construction of a theatre. The nave of the church was delimited by walls with shallow arched niches, decorated with precious stuccos that were saved from demolition and are now exhibited at the Oratorio dei Bianchi in Palermo.No drawing documents the demolished church; the only surviving documentation are three low quality photos, which portray two opposing niches of the church, decorated with stuccos. Perspective restitution technique led to retrieve the inner orientation of the images, i.e. the position of the point of view and its distance from the image, proportionally referred to the width of the image in the modeling software. 3D survey provided the models of the stuccos exhibited at the Oratorio dei Bianchi that were used to scale and orient the perspective model and, finally, to virtually reposition the survived sculptural elements in the reconstructive model of the niches.
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Title of host publicationConnettere - Un disegno per annodare e tessere
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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