Re_Power station. Reuse of Augusta Power Station

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Rarely it happens that the recovery of a building can sum upon itself all the symbolism, even metaphorical, of a real paradigm shift with respect to the conflicting choices so far made on a territory; but this can happen, with full evidence in the case of thermal power station ENEL "Tifeo" in Augusta (SR).His recovery is one of the case studies of the most interesting in the international scene, to the dynamics that it condense, for new strategic visions and for the changes of sense that around it it's possible to prefigure. This book contains the results of research conducted within the Doctorate in Architecture / Architectural Design at the University of Palermo, together with ENEL, with the aim of defining a basic study for the feasibility of the central recovery "Tifeo". The study on this Central, that reached the end of its production cycle and is valuable work of the architect Giuseppe Samonà, was intended as an opportunity to launch a broader knowledge path (implemented through the architectural design tool), which aims to recognize the 'inseparability of the artifact recovery with the great potential and contradictions that are today detectable in the wide area within which it insists. The study has thus pursued the objective of defining some scenarios of transformation and upgrading, within which it is then possible to take action through the prefiguration of various options, following a method that can be called "open" in that, while identifying a specific line in the strategies General territorial recovery, it leaves to the comparison between the proposed design solutions the identification between the different degrees of actual feasibility, in the shared participation with citizens and with other stakeholders.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages360
ISBN (Print)978-88-98546-30-5
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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