Renewed Sicilian Urban Landscapes.Transformation, Regeneration and Reuse of degraded areas

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The cities of the future must aim at improving the quality of living through processes of transformation and reuse of degraded, abandoned or underused urban areas. The cities of the future must generate renewed urban landscapes through recovery actions, creative reuse of abandonment, urban recycling, as new and powerful revitalizing forces in urban centers. The cities of the future must be more sustainable, more responsible but also more innovative capable of rethinking, reinventing, redesigning the forms of the settlement, mending relations with the environment and the landscape, reacting to scenarios "contaminated" by human hands and, from today, also from the covid-19 virus. The cities of the future must act responsibly towards reuse, re-cycling, applying best practices of ecological sustainability, land use planning, land use management, energy efficiency. In this study, through a multidisciplinary approach, some degraded Sicilian urban landscapes, today renewed thanks to urban regeneration interventions, will be analyzed. Cities that look to the future and that react positively to the current health, ecological and economic crisis. Urban centers that - through collective participation, the support of organizations, cultural associations and the sensitivity of local governments - are investing heavily in the theme of urban regeneration and re-cycling.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationWorld Heritage and Contamination : Architecture, Culture, Environment, Agriculture, Health, Economy landscape, Design, Territorial Governance, Archaeology, e-Learning
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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