Religione, Fiducia e Comportamenti economici: elementi di sintesi

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[automatically translated] As part of the Prin 2007 project, Religion, democracy and economic cooperation in the Mediterranean euro area. Partnership and good practice, the focus of the assistance is aimed at analyzing the links between economic science and religion. You look like a often forgotten element is the trust also for reinforcement on intrinsic motivation and material of the individual's behavior and the social context in which it operates. Religions have common elements and explain different economic problems first of all the disappearance of credit reports that -as mentioned before-have in the fiduciary an element of stability as well as the current financial crisis has shown. The religion, what do you think of the system it is directly connected to a reference institutional structure and on which you must carry out a specific study not examined in this work. There are also clear parallels, albeit in different contexts, including the operation of banks of religious backgrounds co-operatives and some of the Islamic bank operating mechanisms that are receiving particular attention in recent years.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages200
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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