Recent patents and advances on isolation and cellular therapy applications of mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical cord Wharton's jelly

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In recent years, important advances were made to clarify the biology and potential use of mesenchymal stemcells (MSC) in the therapy of a number of disorders. MSC are present in a number of tissues, ranging from adult bonemarrow, to several adult organs, adipose tissue and, in the last years, the fetal-associated (also named as extraembryonic)tissues (e.g. placenta, amniotic membrane, umbilical cord). In particular, research on cells derived from mature umbilicalcord, a tissue which is still discarded at birth, showed that mesenchymal stem cells can be successfully isolated from theWharton’s jelly (WJ), the main constituent of this organ. This review will take in to account the patents which were de-veloped concerning the isolation procedures of cells from WJ (both using enzymatic or enzyme-free techniques), the de-velopment of differentiation protocols and the in vivo applications in cellular therapy approaches using both differentiatedand undifferentiated cells. In addition, we will focus on the latest advances on the biology of these cells, in particular forwhat concerns their hypoimmunogenicity in in vitro and in vivo, and their potential application as immunomodulatorycells besides their differentiation capacity.
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