Recensione al volume Thrift N., Non-Representational Theory, London and New York, Routledge, 2008, 326 pp., in Rivista Geografica Italiana, CXVIII, fasc. 1, marzo 2011, pp. 184-186.

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[automatically translated] It can be said that non-representational (or perhaps better observation type unrepresentative) Consider a geographical phenomenon as constantly evolving as a result of actions, opportunities, interactions, flows (financial, information, people) and new trans-territorial processes that must be handled differently than in the past. The new perspective therefore considered very significant sudden new balances arising essentially from globalization and in particular the technology. It is therefore considered a complex systematization of knowledge, a definition of the phenomenon and the affirmation of a single shared truth. Are recast the principles that are the basis of a given speech and new disciplinary horizons are thus the light. The rapid changes,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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