Recensione a So quel che senti. Neuroni specchio arte ed empatia di Lucia Pizzo Russo

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[automatically translated] The theme of this book is "the aesthetic empathy", a theoretical construct that has had a luxuriant growth between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and today, thanks to mirror neurons ( "the most famous of the brain cells of all"), it has returned very timely. So, for the charm of the prefix "neuro", empathy has emerged as an indisputable scientific fact. But is it? Joy and sorrow are invisible passions? The lightness and heaviness are qualities of the object or subject? Passions and expressive qualities we perceive or empatizziamo? Mirror neurons are the neural correlates of empathy? What you feel you are embodied in your body or in my brain? These are the burning questions to which the author gives answers tersely argued here.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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