Recensione a Gianni BraghieriArchitettura rappresentazione fotografia

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[automatically translated] Gianni Braghieri Architecture representation photograph Clueb, Bologna 2008 size 19.5 x 24.5 247 pages Price 40,00 € The texts contained in the book of Braghieri are written by those who have lived a life experience and work in common with ' author, or insights that lead from that experience derive the reasons. They outline the architecture of Braghieri characters, they signal the ethical drive, the premises and coherent development, the ability to object to the new and "false prophets." Show a path of renunciation of the leadership, the ability to take as 'own tradition' a formal repertoire elaborate and ever cheated, why do not you believe the requirement of the invention, even risking imprisonment for a recognisability mistaken for a way that, to rimeditata light of new academicism, the only operation that appears progressive, repeating the well-known, is able to return the value of the not yet mentioned. Can explain the Braghieri timelessness, the value of the "few things stubbornly sought ', which make clear the purpose of the foundation of the civil Cesena school and who are able to produce an architecture without pretense, who can say what is It has done and why it is done that way, who knows how to take on "the responsibility of the word to be pronounced publicly." Reveal how the design architecture can coincide with the same architecture, approaching its concreteness; since the design, perhaps most of the building coincides with the idea, it becomes the uncorrupted representation, the experimentation tool. The book collected many projects that allow you to express a final. They are out of date because it projects away from the whirl of this, timeless because they are dissolved all the individual aspects, because there are conquered sovrappersonali values, spiritual values which alone are capable of putting in the picture confused order of our cities. This is Outdated architecture of Braghieri that makes him a contemporary, because the authentic contemporary is that special relationship with their time clinging to it through a non-coincidence that allows to read and describe contradictions and errors. Braghieri "quotes" and in doing so returns current to the past, reassembles the time, discovered in the modern archaic signs, the original seems to assert,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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