Re-immaginare il Sud. Le sfide del buongoverno per la metamorfosi dello sviluppo

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[automatically translated] The structural aspects of the current crisis must be addressed as a metamorphosis of the development protocols, and the resulting solutions fielded must be increasingly interconnected, requiring constant efforts and unified understanding calling for a new alliance between politics and economics, between culture and environment, between technology and society. The crisis obliges us to select the development capital, to redesign the paths, to set ourselves new rules and to discover new forms of commitment and involvement. The crisis becomes so real opportunity for discernment and new strategic planning, since it has now gone beyond sectoral boundaries, has spilled over from the financial banks where we tried to close it again when he appears to overwhelm our own lifestyle, thus requiring a comprehensive response involving the development paradigms and lifestyles, which rethink the economy and politics and renew the domain of ethics, both public and privata.Le arenas in which you will have to fight to assert a renewed "South Project" are all imbued with a constant: the need to have another instrument to meet the challenges posed by them to strengthen the "social capital", that is, the hybrid capital formed by human capital, intellectual, cognitive, relational, creative and political. The lack of social capital in terms of a shared culture that restricts opportunistic behavior by fostering cooperation is one of the critical issues to be overcome with courage to face the challenges facing the South. The reconstruction of the share capital requires to act not only through a common process of empowerment and awareness of the role that is able to act in an upright manner on all layers of society, but also by strengthening the community fabric, and giving back to the younger generation dreams and ambitions with more mature through the concreteness of the territorial project. The strengthening of the share capital must of course match a new social contract between the southern citizens, but also between North and South. Rethinking the South under the profile of the project, in fact, does not mean shut himself in the room, protect yourself by identity niches losing the taste of great scenery and to contribute to future trajectories.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationUrbanistica per una diversa crescita. Progettare il territorio contemporaneo
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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