Razza, genere e sessualità nelle arene del sex working maschile. Implicazioni auto-etnografiche

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[automatically translated] Interestingly, to conclude this section, consider how sex work can move as well as the boundaries between sexual orientations also call on what ethno-sexual online sex working. In sex tourism destination countries, gender relations and the definition of identity it takes on specific characteristics that are reflected on the structure and organization of the male sex work. For the hypothetical white sex tourist and the middle class sex worker "exotic" is desirable, sexual practices as the penetration and ejaculation become fundamental components of male sexual experience but also representative of the power and a pleasure (exclusively) male, exposure and the erection of the penis, the size of the genital organs, naturalization of racialized bodies essentialized as "sex machine." Who makes the male and who is female? The principle of gender dichotomy perpetrates even within the layers of the male homosexual sex work, which helps to define hierarchical forms (male) built on the basis of the active role domain (male) of the passive / receptive (the feminized ) These processes lead to reflect deeply on the construction standards of masculinity ethnicised, the identifications of the participants (whether it be sex workers and clients), on the construction of desire and of male pleasure. The integrity of the boundaries of gender and sexuality becomes the bodies guarantee the cohesion of the social body: any attempt of destabilization of this order is therefore a threat, It is perceived as a danger to be avoided. The layering of desire and looks, especially the white sex tourist and the native middle class and upper middle, leads all'erotizzazione of bodies and physical characteristics associated with the working classes and the lower ones: in the saunas and public bathrooms City Mexico nervous and muscular bodies of morenos, from rural areas, are the favorites and most popular. Are the bodies associated with masculinity and macho manly heterosexual, those who do not "feel pleasure" but does so out of necessity, which plays an active role (and in the case of penetration, that of masturbation or fellatio) and which is subject, also, the constant effort to avoid ejaculation, often required by the customer, and that drives up the price of the service,
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