RAPPORTO ENERGIA 2015 Monitoraggio sull’energia in Sicilia

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    [automatically translated] The Energy Report, edited by the Regional, this year allows us to take stock of the salient facts about energy in Sicily. The Sicilian contribution to achieving European goals through a number of opportunities that if captured will allow to reach surely to the results indicated. In Sicily, in the first half of 2015, there was a sharp contraction in exports due mainly to refined oil products (-18.5%), which account for nearly three-fifths of total regional exports, impacting so heavily on the Sicilian GDP. The oil exports declined in nominal terms due to the decline of the industry prices on international markets and has reduced the export of refined products to the euro area countries (-40, 8%) and to the African continent (-37%). We recorded, in the Sicilian wells, a slight increase in the crude extractions with an incidence of 20% on the quantity produced in Italy, even considering offshore crops. The coverage of the natural gas requirements, the island continues to be fed by imports, however, it is to emphasize a strong reduction of gas imported in the period between 2012 and 2014, respectively, from 27 million cubic meters of imported gas to 13 million cubic meters a decrease in percentage of 51.8%. In Sicily it will consume about 4 million cubic meters of natural gas, of which 60% is used for the production of electrical energy while the remaining part for the end uses in other sectors. Continues the decrease in electricity consumption in decline in all areas as a result of a decrease in demand, probably linked to the continuing economic crisis. The net power of electricity installed in Sicily is 9,200 MW, of which 5,439 well in thermal power plants, wind power plants in 1743, 1,294 in photovoltaic and 722 in hydroelectric. The production is 22,536 of which 17,249 GWh from thermoelectric plants, 2,922 from wind power, 1,893 from photovoltaic sources and 471 from hydroelectric generation. Consumption totaled 19,790 GWh, an output balance of 1,492 GWh. Also this year the Sicilian plays the role of a net exporter of electricity. Since 21.5% of renewable energy fed into the grid is not programmable, it does not coincide with the specific consumer demands. For this reason the system must be managed in export with the always on thermal power stations and with significant management costs. Such circumstances require major works of reinforcement of the network and the interconnection to the Continent. The production from renewable energy sources shows a slight increase compared to 2013 increasing from 5,127.9 GWh in 5.221,3GWh. Renewable in 2015 there was a strong interest in the technologies related to solar thermal. With the approval of Decree 11 May 2015 the Ministry of Economic Development, GSE and ENEA have provided the first data that contribute to the verification of the degree of achievement of regional goals for energy consumption from renewable sources, set by the DM 15 / 3/2012 so-called "burden sharing", Sicilian, of course Region, has been given a final target of 15.9% (2020) of consumption from renewable energy sources in gross final consumption goal, to be achieved by passing intermediate targets: 7.0% in 2012, 8.8% 2014, 10.8% in 2016 and 13.1% in 2018. Analyses show that the interim target of 7% in 2012 has been reached, it rilevandosi a percentage of 9.6%. However, a closer reading, it is clear that Sicily has the lower growth of energy from renewable sources compared to the other regions. In fact, comparing the data with other regions, Sicily is at the 8% by 2016 and 13.1% in 2018. Analyses s
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