Rapporto Arte-Architettura

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[automatically translated] CONTAMINIAMOCI Politecnico Milano 28 June 2006 ARTE_ARCHITETTURA M.Isabella Vesco The exhibition, in all its forms, has always been a border territory between related but distinct disciplines; This has made possible a number of contamination between experiences and research fields at times very distant: art, sculpture, design, photography, computer technology ... The theme of the disciplinary boundaries between the worlds of architecture, art, communication is weak and permeable; is an issue, this, much debated. Never before has visual art and architecture, two disciplines that always seem to repel each other, come together and try to talk trying to reassemble a broken speech. The call to an 'object' that has to do with both the art with the architecture seems even a way to overcome the disciplinary conflicts and to address the issue of the design of public spaces and parks. Lately the interest in the open spaces, mainly public, has been the subject of new attention, both on the design verification that the results of a theoretical research. Thanks to a phenomenon, more and more rampant, light transformation of the usual spaces of closed containers (museum, gallery, industrial archeology ...), you pass to the open spaces of the city (streets, squares, gardens, parks, ...). More and more frequently we see a continuous rearrangement even momentary outdoor areas of the city; we are in the presence of a new urban landscape transformation strategy.
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Publication statusPublished - 2006

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