Raccontare il plagio

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[automatically translated] Telling There plagiarism plagiarist, some are plagiarized. Case Studies rich, mostly occult. With rare, brief forays into the spotlight of the news. For the writer is still an obsession: the stakes are only marginally economic, what matters is the affirmation of originality. So it's hardly surprising that many writers end up in the dump obsession of their own novels pages. As it is said plagiarism? From what perspective? The first and most obvious is that of those who suffer. very often new writers: less visible, more naive. Then there is the point of view of who appropriates - with variable scruples - of other people's talents. There are works built on an original sin and then redeemed by honorable later career. A third possible angle: the external witness, the more or less improvised detective. He - or she - it happens sooner or later clash with the inevitable question: how far you can push yourself to justify a plagiarism?
Original languageItalian
Number of pages21
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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