«Questa è la città di Augusto». Archi e processioni a Leptis Magna

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A recent study on the Trajan's arch at Leptis Magna mentions a second arch of Tiberius, along a street which runs parallel to the main cardo, where the more famous “twin” of this arch is located. The study also mentions a structure, an arch as well, posed at the same place where the tetrapyle of Trajan was erected. These three arches mark the three vertices of a quadrilateral of streets involving the main places of the public consent through the Imperial House. It is not a case that this predecessor of the Trajan's arch lies on the crossway among the main cardo and a way with goes to the street that separes the Theatre, the fourth vertex of the quadrilateral, from the porticus post scaenam. The explanation of the secluded position of the second arch of Tiberius, the only one that doen'st lies along one of the two main streets of Leptis, lies within the involvement of the Theatre into a processional path inside the “city of Augustus” whose entrances are marked by the two arches which were built by his successor.
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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