"... Quattro Misteri principali in legno e cartapesta". I gruppi processionali del Venerdì Santo di Erice

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[automatically translated] The groups processional Erice, works with a strong visual impact, are the result of devoted clients, but also of artistic technique manifestation varies in the execution and materials, such as artifacts mixed media feel it. Are works by Trapani workers in the mid-eighteenth century, challenging even for their compositional style, it expressed through the combination of various stylistic influences ranging from contemporary Mannerist inheritance to their attendance to the Baroque realism, all tuned in a harmonious score suited to catechetical purposes, dramatic and even theatrical to which these little masterpieces of religious art were intended. The contribution of Maurizio Veal analyzes the four Erice sculptural compositions through archival sources and through a compositional stylistic reading of the artifacts, proposing a series of formal and iconographic comparisons with existing entries representing the same theme both in Sicily and Spain. The works still perform their function processional: why the critics interest was mainly directed to their anthropological aspect of worship, but this contribution will extensively re-evaluates the historical and artistic value.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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