Quaternary marine and continental unconformity-bounded stratigraphic units of the NW Sicily coastal belt

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ABSTRACTIn the coastal sector of NW Sicily, the regional correlation of relevant unconformities recognisedwithin the Quaternary sedimentary successions allowed the mapping of seven unconformityboundedstratigraphic units (UBSUs). The regional unconformities are marine or subaerialerosional surfaces, as well as non-depositional surfaces, locally marked by paleosoils. Theerosional surfaces were produced from marine abrasion, surface water overland/concentrated flow, river erosion, karst solution, mass movement, or wind erosion. The mainlithofacies of the Quaternary UBSUs consist of: (a) marine and coastal bioclastic calcarenites,(b) aeolian sandstones, (c) river deposits, (d) colluvial deposits, (e) talus slope deposits, (f)landslide deposits, and (g) chemical carbonates (travertines and speleothems). Quaternaryenvironmental changes, due to tectonics, climate, and sea-level oscillations, are the causesthat favoured the development of erosion/deposition processes responsible for the genesisof unconformities and deposits. As a result, through the UBSU map of the NW Sicilian coastalbelt, it is possible to: (i) recognise stratigraphic units controlled by tectonic, climatic, andenvironmental processes (and their interplay) and (ii) detect Quaternary sedimentary evolution.
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JournalJournal of Maps
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