Quality assurance and assessment frameworks of Italian Biosystems Engineering studies

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In Italy the tools for quality assurance and assessment frameworks of all University studies are established by the D.M. (Law) of the Ministry of Education, University and Research n. 544 of the 31st October 2007, dealing with the requirements that Universities must have every year in order to offer degree study programs.Moreover, the accreditation procedure is established by the Law of the Italian Ministry of Work and Welfare n. 166 of the 25th May 2001, by which each Italian Regional administration can recognise the proposal and organisation of teaching activities (e.g. higher education) or guidance ones, funded by public resources, to public and/or private bodies (e.g. Universities).The Italian institutions which might be interested to participate to the Biosystems Engineering EUR-ACE academic accreditation procedure or the recognition one, under the umbrella of EurAgEng, are all the Faculties of Agriculture offering degree study programs in Agricultural Engineering, which are shown in the database on Biosystems Engineering study programs.
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Publication statusPublished - 2010

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