[automatically translated] In an age of great technological change it is inevitable that even the medicine evolves its scientific technical apparatus towards forms and ultra specialized mode that if they can offer undeniable advantages for the diagnosis and treatment of many serious diseases, are likely to negatively tip on human qualities clinical practice and on models of the therapeutic relationship. The emphasis now frequently on the recovery of a humanistic medicine and on the more general appreciation of a medical anthropology seems to compensate for the preponderance in contemporary medicine technical action on the psychological feeling, at the expense of the very aspects considered relevant today in the evaluation outcomes such as quality of life and subjective well-being. The purpose of this volume, in which theory and practice, therapeutic models and clinical experience are intertwined in a very fruitful way, is precisely to promote the recovery of an approach to the patient as a person, to reconcile the enormous development of biomedical knowledge with the enhancement of the relational processes and the emotional-affective dimension, which They play such a large part in causing many diseases or in their incomplete or exceeded. The numerous contributions that La Barbera and Lo Verso present us not only indicate the existence of a common ground on which are rooted the practice of medicine and clinical psychology, but also the extraordinary resources that psychotherapy can be made available in many areas (from psycho-oncology at the psychiatric rehabilitation, from psychogeriatrics sexology and medicine of migration)
Original languageItalian
Number of pages124
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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