Propaganda grafico-persuasiva. Segni, forme, sguardi

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Starting from an iconographic recognition of some of the social transformations that in the history of the twentieth century have seen in the poster a means of communication and in the image a device for capillary information, the essay aims to deepen the forms assumed by historical ideologies in posters propaganda, the graphic metaphors adopted to spread the message and the persuasive techniques to spread its values. This is not an iconographic classification structured by artist or historical period, but an analysis on the identification of a common language for the representation of political ideologies that in particular historical moments have intertwined with the artistic movements from which they have drawn strategies and expression techniques for the formal composition of a visionary and visual propaganda. The graphic material of the essay summarizes visual stories of social actions that have found expression in the fight against national control policies, in the liberation movements and in campaigns on respect for human rights during the reconstruction phases of socialist societies like the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, or at the dawn of the Italian-German dictatorial regimes and in the countries occupied militarily by the Nazi-fascists, through propaganda posters and graphic units codified by symbols and constructs verbal-visual.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication-Gràfiche/-Graphics. Book of abstracts
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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