Promuovere le competenze strategiche e il successo accademico degli studenti universitari mediante il tutoraggio tra pari online a distanza

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Inspired by the theory of personalized education, a research intervention was started on February 26, 2021. Currently, 19students (17 female/2 male) from the 2nd year course of study in Educational Sciences University of Palermo, are participatingin a teaching initiative as peer-tutors by carrying out a peer tutorial action plan remotely. This initiative pursues two objectives:promoting the perceived self-efficacy (GSE), the perception of one’s own strategic skills (QPCS) and the time perspective(ZTPI) in a group of 35 students who have reached the 2nd year of the same study course; strengthening the prosocial capacity (DSVSA) of the 19 peer-tutors. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the peer tutoring action, a control group was constituted to compare, in 2 different timepoints (March & September 2021) the degree of development of the studied skills and the number and school marks of the 1st year exams. To evaluate the hypothesized improvement in the 19 peer-tutors pro-sociality, 2 questionnaires will be distributed to fill inthe DSVSA and a semi-structured one.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationRICERCA e DIDATTICA per promuovere intelligenza comprensione e partecipazione. Atti del X Convegno della SIRD. I Tomo. Panel 1-2-3
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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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