Progettazione e realizzazione di un irradiatore neutronico modulare basato su sorgenti Am-Be

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Neutron irradiation facilities based on radioactive sources are used in different countries to investigate the characteristics of the materials subjected to irradiation, but also to study the response of detectors and/or personal dosimeters to neutron fluxes. For the latter application, an irradiator based on radioactive sources is very useful for the stability of the neutron flux, while it is less important the absolute value of the neutron flux, which can also be a few orders of magnitude lower than the one of reactors or particle accelerators.To test the performance of detectors and/or personal neutron dosimeters is very interesting to have both thermal or fast neutron fluxes. This can be achieved through a modular-type irradiator, able to determine the prevalence of one component of the neutron flux, from thermal to fast, with appropriate handling of its components.This report describes the design and construction of a modular irradiator based on sources of 241Am-Be, able to place inside also an anthropomorphic phantom to test personal neutron dosimeters. The results of the first irradiation tests performed with various types of commercially available dosimeters are also reported.
Original languageItalian
PublisherAssociazione "Triquerta"- Piazza Castelnuovo, 26/A 90141 Palermo
Number of pages48
ISBN (Print)9788890750601
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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