Progettare le migrazioni

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The work is a reflection on the migrations’s theme, a topic that involves the Mediterranean, place of a lot of civilizations, intertwined, stacked on each other, as F. Braudel writes.The theme has affected the whole Mediterranean due to the continuous movements of peoples coming from the countries of North Africa and from the Middle East towards the Sicilian coasts, that have been affected by old and new landings.Sicily, with Lampedusa on the front-line, has always been a place of arrival for the routes of the migrants, even if the most of them want to reach the northern European cities.As we will see, the migrations topic will affect the whole of Europe, which have to give today an answer to this world-wide problem.“The Mediterranean is located among three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. But “Asia” and also “Africa” they are geographical constructions, even more vague than “Europe”, which bring together under a same name the most different realities; we say better, then, Asia Minor and the Middle East and North Africa.” (S. Guarracino).The same Mediterranean has been evoked in numerous writings among which we remember Inspirations Meditérranéennes, 1933, Paul Valery lecture, the volume X of the Encyclopedia of Diderot and Alembert (1765), the Dictionaries of Pierre Larousse (1866 -1879) and of Èmile Littré (1862 -1873).The migratory flows, the peoples displacement in the past they have produced notable changes in the cities of Northern Europe, but also in Sicily, place of numerous landings, as it happens still today in the cities of Trapani, Mazara, Palermo, Ragusa, Pozzallo, Catania, etc. The migrations constitute therefore a historical fact of the new modernity.On the basis of these premises, through the experience of Villard, it was intended to investigate the places interested by multi-ethnicity, those places where cultures, identities, multi-ethnicity where intertwined.These places have been investigated starting with a planning careful and punctual in its spatial organization, able to activate and to itself constitute devices of integration or of better interaction, certainly with the help and the support, it is hoped, of the inhabitants of the cities interested by the phenomenon.It is believed that the particular situation, that the city is experiencing, can be transformed and become driving force of a change through a practice of the welcoming and the urban regeneration.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationTerritori strategici. Antichi sbarchi e nuove mete di libertà
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Publication statusPublished - 2019

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