Processing of 3D Models for Networking of CH in Geomatics

Marcello La Guardia, Marcello La Guardia, Andrea Scianna

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In recent times the possibility of reconstruction of complex 3D Cultural Heritage (CH) environments has opened new scenarios for touristic and scientific aims. The different needs for networking or conservation purposes of CH lead to study proper structuring of 3D models. In light of this, a scientific approach has been developed in order to test the networking capabilities, comparing different loading configurations of 3D environments with multiple combinations of 3D models inside them, considering different solutions. This experimentation has been based on WebGL-HTML5 technologies and allowed to discover the true balance between performances of proposed system, the quality of visualization, and the quality of information (geometric and semantic ones) characterizing the 3D visualization of the virtual environment. The present work analyzes all of these parameters in order to find the best combination for the implementation of these models into a virtual 3D Geographic Information System (GIS) environment, based on WebGL technologies and accessible via web. This study could be considered a basic step for the development of interactive geospatial information platforms for the virtual fruition of CH.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationR3 in Geomatics: Research, Results and Review First International Workshop in memory of Prof. Raffaele Santamaria on R3 in Geomatics: Research, Results and Review, R3GEO 2019, Naples, Italy, October 10–11, 2019, Revised Selected Papers
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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  • General Computer Science
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