Procarioti dalle mille risorse: nuove scoperte sui metabolismi batterici che utilizzano la luce

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[automatically translated] The phototrophic bacteria constitute a large and diverse group of prokaryotes widely distributed in marine plankton and their processes light-based support and monitor the flow of energy in the oceans. Recent discoveries of new bacteria include at least three modes of photosynthesis: aerobic oxygenic photosynthesis (typical of cyanobacteria and similar to that carried out by plants), anaerobic and aerobic anossigenica anoxygenic photosynthesis photosynthesis (both exclusive of prokaryotes). Other important processes based on light using the rhodopsin, thus contributing to cellular energy metabolism. Oxygenic photosynthesis "pure" seems more the exception than the rule and it is clear that prokaryotes are able to use mixed strategies (photo / chemotroph and car / heterotrophy) depending on environmental conditions and the availability of nutrients. Ecologists are not yet able to establish a comprehensive record of the metabolism of these complex marine systems.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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